Monday, February 12, 2018

February 12, 2018 - Learning

Starlings were ganging up on my friend's suet feeder cage, so she thought of ordering a cover for it to discourage them. The helpful person at the Bird Store, suggested turning the suet cage in an upside down position, while leaving the plastic covering on the top and sides.   We were both thrilled to learn about this, and proceeded to try it out.  There have been no more starling problems in my friend's yard, and it didn't take long for the small birds in my yard to catch on, or up.  They often feed like this, anyway. We can call this a valuable learning experience :)  The added bonus, is that the plastic still attached to the top and sides acts as rain protection.

I have hitched my cage to a branch, temporarily with bungee cords.  I love bungee cords ... they are so versatile.  


  1. Nice post and picture. I agree about bungee cords. xx

  2. A brilliantly simple solution. I will try that when I order some more slabs. Here I know the Blackbirds will find a way. They don't try to land, they have learned to fly straight up, jab the beak in, drop down with some food, repeat..... They do that to get the berries from Ivy. It should stop, or at least slow down, the greedy Starlings which waste more than they eat.

    1. Thanks, John. I thought it was brilliant, too and hope it works for you as well. Well, It seems Blackbirds are more canny and nothing will faze them. Ingenious creatures. They don't bother my bird feeders, but it will be interesting to see what the Northern Flickers and Woodpeckers make of it.


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